Fashion: Creating a Capsule Wardrobe Part 1

Every morning I stand in front of my closet with the same old fashion dilemma: I have nothing to wear. Not that my closet is particularly sparse but girl you know what I mean when your closet is full but you just cannot for the life of you choose from that imploding mess. I feel like now that I am starting „the real grown-up life“, I need to sort out that problem by creating a trusty capsule wardrobe. Classic, timeless pieces, stuff I won’t grow tired of two years, heck even ten years from now.

I know this is by far no invention of mine but I am finally jumping on the bandwagon of creating my own capsule wardrobe. I will start with 10 essential pieces and while most of them are no-brainers, there are quite a few items on that list that I have yet to add to my closet.


1. BRETON STRIPED TOP: The first one is easily the hardest essential for me to find. There is a sea of breton tops out there, but to find the one with the perfect fit has not been successful for me yet.

2. WHITE V-NECK: For me, a no brainer, everyone needs many of these in their closet. I prefer v-neck over round-neck shirts as I find them more flattering.

3. SATIN BLOUSE: Crucial for those days when you have to look a bit more put-together, but can be also dressed down with number 5 on the essential list. This is also where some color can come into play, as they won’t interfere with the elegance of the blouse.

4. BLACK SKINNY JEANS: Again a no brainer, but a quest when it comes to finding a pair that suits your body type. I personally love the Topshop Leigh Jeans and will have to get myself a pair in black asap.

5. (WHITE) BOYFRIEND JEANS: Especially a must in the summertime. A more relaxed kind of bottoms but can be definitely dressed up with some heels.

6. (P)LEATHER SKIRT: For a bit more girly option the leather/pleather skirt is the perfect transitional piece which can be worn all year round and be paired with both the t-shirt and the blouse.

Essentials II

7. TRAINERS: For those laid back days you will want to have some comfortable shoes at hand. On the top of my list are either some Nike Roshe Runs or these low-cut white Converse (but probably both).

8. ANKLE BOOTS: Okay, so we are officially going the monochrome route but really, this is probably the most timeless color palette you can think of. Ankle boots are definitely a fall and winter and even spring staple as they are more elegant than trainers and on top of that give you those few extra inches.

9. THE LEATHER JACKET: Honestly, I am a bit torn about this one, as I find it really hard to find a good quality leather jacket which has the right cut for my body shape, doesn’t look to bulky but isn’t too uncomfortable either. But I am on the quest to find the perfect leather jacket, that still looks feminine enough to throw over number 10.

10. THE LITTLE BLACK DRESS: You knew this one would come, right. The epitome of classic in every fashionista’s book and your mother’s. And I guess everyone has a different idea of what their perfect little black dress should look like. In my book it should be little, but not too little (lengthwise), elegant, but not too over the top (as in prom dress) and of course timeless enough that I can recycle it over and over again.

I am limiting this list to clothing and shoes only and will not go into the accessories and bags department, because this would defeat the capsule in the capsule collection.

My next mission is to fill in the gaps in my wardrobe to conclude my ultimate capsule collection. Will document in due time.


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